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January 15, 2008

archshrk featured on

Is high-octane gas bad for the environment? – By Brendan I. Koerner – Slate Magazine

OK, so maybe not featured, but I am linked in the article (see soft Corinthian leather). I don’t know how much this will boost my readership but it has already given me a nice spike in visitors. Now the pressure’s on to be witty and entertaining while the iron is hot.

I’m doomed.

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  • At 2:18 pm on January 15, 2008, This Eclectic Life commented:

    Well, hooray for spike in visitors. Scary sometimes, isn’t it? I can think of tons of things to say when no one is looking, but if they are really reading…EEK! You aren’t doomed. Pretend they aren’t there.

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