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There are certain truths within my chosen field of architecture that every client, employee and courier learns. One of which is that big fancy firms are full of themselves. The other is that they (the BFF’s), universities, and design magazines don’t see this.

Welcome to Architects Associates. If you are looking for the premiere architectural design firm along the coastal area, you need look no further. If you aren’t, you should be. Real estate is “it” – everyone knows that. You are already a better person, just because you have been to our website.

When you visit the site, you can read all about Architects Associates and why you want to hire them or work for them (as the case may be).

The design process…

Step 1 – The Greeting
Welcome to our workspace, a cold stainless steel environment with translucencent space dividers and black patent leather furniture. It is not comfortable at all, but looks really cool, and is VERY expensive. Yes, we could in fact hang meat in our foyer. It makes no financial sense but it keeps our meetings short, plus the extras – like Kristi McDemant on those special days. Our first greeting will, however, be timely, warm, and especially attentive to you. This is simply to get you to sign the contract.

So if you’re in the market for a new career in architecture, what to over-pay for a non-functional-but-stunningly-beautiful building, or just like to learn about no talent designers who wear tight blouses…then visit Architects Associates and learn why, you’re not worthy.

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