Anaheim Rocks!

I can’t believe I forgot to post this so it’s a little late…


Well, my exam went well. I don?t have the results (obviously) but the process went very well. Even though I live in San Diego and the exam was in Anaheim (less than 2-hour drive), I booked a hotel room in nearby Buena Park. The hotel was cheap and convenient. I had dinner with a friend who was also taking her exam (first time). Afterwards, I went to my room and studied some more before going to bed. Thanks to some Tylenol PM I was able to get a good night’s sleep before I started studying again in the morning.

My exam was right after lunch so I grabbed a bite on the way to the exam. Studied some more in the parking lot (what else you going to do while you wait?). I signed in for the 20-min review period and was escorted up to the exam floor. All the exams are given in the hotel suites on the same floor (5th floor to be exact). Unfortunately, we had to wait way longer than we should have considering we were the first group of the day, but eventually I was taken to my exam room. The examiners were friendly and patient and I felt comfortable. It helps that I felt (and was) well prepared for the exam – unlike the last time. Obviously I can?t discuss the exam itself but the material here as well as the PASSxFLASH cards, proved to be very helpful in preparing me for the exam.

I hope to have the results in a couple of weeks but with the state furlough program, it may take a little longer.

6 thoughts on “Anaheim Rocks!

  1. ..get a good night‘s sleep and started studying some more.

    The preposition “ the morning” would probably help – otherwise it sounds like you did a sleep/study combo. This is due to “get a GNS” rather than “had a GNS”


    I’m glad it went better this time. =) Over studying is preferable to being an understudy(er) :P



    haha, both actually. I hate obvious errors as well as certain ones that just nag at me. I probably would have let that last one go except I had written “a good night sleep” instead of “a good night’s sleep”.

    I just need to figure out how to incorporate a typo “plugin thingy” so people can comment on spelling and grammar without having to leave an actual comment. Kind of like a “report this post” feature found on most forums.

  3. I usually try and comment on a bit more than the grammar/spelling.

    Until you get a something up, you could edit that bit of the comment to read something like “archshrk responded to the Grammar Police at 7:43am

    That way, it could be our little (almost) secret ;)

    Unless we end up having a side conversation about it, like now.

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