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I’ve been think about the look and feel of my site lately. Wondering if it’s old and dated, boring and dull or just too much stuff to find your way around. I’ve played with other layouts at other sites like and but those sites are less about blogging than this one. PhotoJulia is more of a photo gallery site with blog features and Iverson Interiors is a business site for an interior design firm in San Diego.

So back to my question. Am I pretty? I mean most of my visitors stop and look at only one page before moving on. Why don’t they stay a while and look around (besides my crappy blogging)? If you have any ideas, feel free to share them. If you have a site (even your own) you think works better, tell me about it. And yes, you can pimp your own “legit” site here.

One thought on “Am I Pretty

  1. I’m maybe not the best one for novel suggestions, since I’m partial to WordPress and 3-column layouts. But I don’t see anything lame or “bad” looking here. For what it’s worth, most people visiting *my* weblog seem disinclined to look around as well.

    Also the Google ads seem nicely discreet. Not invisible but not intrusive. Hope they “do something” for you.

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