All is well sort of

June 29, 2007 5 By archshrk

I’ve managed to transfer my entire site to the new server including all the posts, pages and comments. I’ve rebuilt the Gallery and got the URL rewrites to work and by now, all the web servers around the world should be looking to my new servers when people visit I still need to re-map post images and add a few other support files but by in large everything is as it should be. I even reorganized my gallery for better navigation. One area I’m struggling with is the feeds are not current. I posted a handful of topics on the new site before moving the domain name. Unfortunately, those new posts aren’t showing up in the feeds. Could be because they were written under the temporary site name or because some key servers still point to the wrong place for my site (it can take 12-48 hours for all servers to get up to date). So ultimately, this post is really designed to kick start the feeds. Hope it works. At least the new site loads faster.