All Hail Princess of Rosarin

April 14, 2006 2 By archshrk

As promised, I’m doing my best to flood your RSS reader with posts even if I have to resort to shameless internet quizes. In the spirit of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, I give you my Princess Name…

Princess Name

Your Princess Name is

archshrk the Kind, Princess of Rosarin
Get Your Princess Name at

And since I’m an office drone having delusion of grandeur* (a glorified CAD Monkey) I give you “Office Wars – Attack of the Drones” Or is that “Send in the Clowns**

Office Wars

Office Wars Quiz

Your weapon of choice is

Military Grade Laser Pointer

Highlight points in your presentation or disintegrate your enemy, your choice

Find your Office Wars Weapon of Choice at


*A delusion in which one believes oneself possessed of great importance, power, wealth, intellect, or ability.
*wow, two references targeted directly at my one and only regular reader. Three if you count this footnote. Am I now pandering catering to my audience?