Addicted to Binder Clips

That’s what the hand written note I found on my desk one day said. I kept that note for a very long time. I didn’t know who left it or why but it was verry appropriate and true. You see, I am addicted to binder clips. I use them all the time for various things. I prefer them to paper clips, and chip clips. I use one instead of a traditional wallet and even used silver colored once at my wedding for the money dance (instead of safety pins). That’s why this find is so exciting. A Binder Clip Dress.

I happened across the Binder Clip Dress by following a link from RaJ about a Spork Dress which he has a certain un-natural love afair with. Both dresses are the creation of Artists Vanessa Bonet and Kasey McMahon of the Binder Clip Dress is approximately 1000 binder clips woven together with monofilament, reinforced with titanium rings.

I imagine you can get a custom dress made in your favorite binder clip color (or colors)

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