Adam Lambert

Got this email from our office manager…

Tomorrow morning, Adam Lambert (a finalist on American Idol) will be at the radio station across the street at 8:00 AM. Lambert will arrive via police escort. The station is inviting people to come down and see him . . . for what it is worth. . . our parking situation might stink.

I don’t have anything against Adam, I just am not looking forward to the chaos that will ensue. It will be extra strange since there is also an FBI building across the street from the station.

7 thoughts on “Adam Lambert – go home

  1. I am SOOOOO jealous of you right now! I have friends that are going to be there to see him. I know, we need to get lives. ;)

  2. Our office opens at 7:30am and there is no “back way” to get to work so I am not looking forward to the hassle. I am curious to see how many people show up at the station. Hopefully I can get to work before the mob shows up.

  3. Again, it’s rather ironic what ads are generated. Is it possible to exempt words from being used for ad generation? Or would that lose the general ‘find-on-Googleness’ of the article too?

  4. Sorry, I thought you answered your own question. But to be more specific, I can block advertisers but blocking keywords is difficult. The best I can do is “suggest” Google looks at certain parts of the page. Which I basically suggest they look at the post and comments and not the sidebars.

    Make sure you do screen captures so I can see what shows up. Results may vary depending on the visitor’s location. That is, Canada vs.California.

  5. Ah, it’s a bunch of text ads now “Dane Cook in Vancouver” “Lambert Airport Hotels” “Gasoliine Glamour” (AL’s jewelry) “American Idols Live Tix” “Live Psychic Readings” ?!

    Originally it was a big visual ad for watching American Idol on TV (IIRC)

    Sorry, I thought you answered your own question

    I figured that was probably the right answer, but I wouldn’t mind confirming it with a SEO ;)

    I suppose you could also have certain words as graphics, but then you lose traffic.

    It’s just funny that a number of your articles are ‘against’ something (Adam Lambert, smilies) but the ads are ‘for’.

  6. articles are ‘against’ something but the ads are ‘for’

    True, but it tends to revert to more generic ads quickly enough. Maybe one day I’ll be able to pick my advertisers like Barry does.

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