A Poll about Heaven

I thought I’d try out a new poll feature

And now for some tough questions about heaven…

a. What Is the New Jerusalem?
b. What will the City Be Like?
c. Will We Be Ourselves?
d. What Will Our Bodies be like?
e. Will We Be Capable of Sinning?
f. Will We Know and Learn?
g. Will We Want Relationships with Anyone Except God?
h. Will There Be Marriage, Families, and Friendships?

4 thoughts on “A Poll about Heaven

  1. Yeah, the map feature is very cool. I noticed the people that said there is no Heaven weren’t on the map. Does this mean they are from another planet?

  2. Ok you caught me. When I made the poll I put 10 votes into each catagory to make the numbers more interesting (hey, it was a test) So the map part is skewed because the first ten votes for all options don’t really exist. But I thought it would look funny if 100% said the same thing since I was the only voter (at the time)

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