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November 24, 2007

A good day

I’m trying to limit my internet time this weekend so this will be brief (I hope). Anyway, we had a wonderful thanksgiving/birthday. And to paraphrase Wendy, a Happy B-Thanksday.

We ended up using some birthday cash to buy the much desired Sea World passes we wanted so I hope to get them activated and use them today. In other news, I got the results from my ARE exams and it was covered in ‘P’ – as in PASS. That’s right, I’ve passed all my ARE exams. Now I just need to update my employment documentation to show 8yrs experience and sign up for the California supplemental examination.

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  • At 12:23 pm on November 24, 2007, Wendy commented:

    First: Congratulations on passing the exam.

    Second: Have a great day at Sea World.

    Will it be just you and Julia going to Sea World? Or are you going with a group of people? Do you want to take a slight detour, and pick me up on the way?

  • At 1:31 pm on November 24, 2007, Scuffy old Dad commented:

    Praise God!!!! I knew you could do it. You know that I believed you could do it. It was ordained and foretold when you where five years old.
    -One proud father

  • At 4:35 pm on November 24, 2007, This Eclectic Life commented:

    Whoo! Whoo! Congratulations to you (I love your daddy’s comment!). Enjoy Sea World!

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