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I was invited to participate in a Meme (questions about yourself) by RaJ. The idea of this Meme is to reveal 8 random things about yourself. I figured, to make it more random, my wife should pick the 8 random things about me. Or at least make suggestions. She did pretty good.


1. I find good Sci-Fi to be one of the purest forms of art today. Sci-Fi, unlike most genres, allows the setting to be “over-the-top” and the characters to be real. Compare that to your typical action movie and the characters are over the top in a realistic setting. Consider Serenity (Firefly) vs. Die Hard.

2. I enjoy Blues over Jazz. In fact, I think it’s a crime to group them together, as if they were the same.

3. Has lived in California and Arizona. I want to live in Seattle (area) eventually. Snoqualmie is really nice this time of year.

4. I love sushi, but don?t know how to order it. If we ever meet in real life, feel free to take me to sushi and order for me – I’ll enjoy whatever you pick.

5. I think that the Nintendo Wii is the new exercise craze. Have you tried it? It can really work those muscles – especially if your a gaming addict like me.

6. I will be a father for the first time in December. This site has already started to convert to a baby-blog. Consider yourself warned.

7. Ketchup-Yes, BBQ sauce-No. Actually, I like ketchup in a limited fashion too. For example, I like it on hot dogs and hamburgers but not fries (try them with ranch dressing)

8. The computer is not just a tool, but my friend.

So I suppose I’m expected to “tag” 8 people to follow up on this with their 8 random things but I’d rather leave it open ended. So I’ll only tag a couple people.

Maverick {Moon}
Velvet Vox
Jody (of GodDivas)

I’ve tagged these four (ladies, all) because they are four people I’d like to see more blog posts from and I figure this would help inspire them to write more (again). There’s room for your name so if you’d like to participate, just leave a comment here with a link to your “8 random things” post. I’d love to read it.

Those who have volunteered…
Wendy who says “I don?t understand what is so good about the Princess Bride.”

5 thoughts on “8 random things

  1. What a great idea! I think next time I’ll get my wife to do the post for help me too.

    Although it seems like spousal input might technically be more random, so – yeah. You’re good.

  2. I love #6 that your blog is becoming a baby blog. Congratulations! You can always join our group of baby blog addicts at http://www.babyblogaddict.com. My husband’s and my addiction started innocently enough when we started our personal baby blog in March 2005. What developed over the next two years is nothing short of an addiction.

    Good luck with fatherhood. It inspires some pretty entertaining blog posts.

  3. Archshrk, I probably should have ask me. kenju to come up with the meme items too! Yours were brief, but interesting. Haven’t you noticed that I don’t say anything briefly??!! Thanks for the visit.

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