50 signs you?re a blogaholic

My wife thinks I blog too much. Actually, she thinks I love the computer more than I love her (not true honey). So when I read Jonathan Deamer’s 50 signs you’re a blogaholic I knew I had a problem. I didn’t want to steal his content outright so here are some of my favorites or ones that are especially true for me.

2. You sneak off during a date to check your hit stats.
5. Your family don’t call anymore, they just check your blog.
12. You start conversations with the phrase “top 10 ways to?” because you think it will get you on the front page of Digg.
13. You’re listening to the travel news and get excited by the phrase “heavy traffic”.
16. You check your Adsense revenue more than your bank account.
17. You’ve got more “blog friends” than “real life” friends.
19. You introduce yourself at parties as a “new media journalist“.
20. Your breakfast of choice is toast, cornflakes and Bloglines.
34. Your license plate matches your domain name. (my doesn’t fit)
35. Your lifetime goal is achieving a Page Rank of 10.
37. You have a scorn for Xanga users normal people reserve for rapists and serial killers.
41. You’ve ever used the term “blawg” in conversation.
46. You get more “approve this comment” e-mail messages than spam.
48. The name Kubrick means more to you than the director of A Clockwork Orange.
50. You finish reading this and go to make a post with your own additions? :-)

Sadly, I do want to add to this list and I’m sure you will too. So why don’t you. What are some signs you’re a blogaholic you’ve noticed (in yourself or others)?

Note: There was a problem with this post so people couldn’t comment. Two blog friends (RaJ and Maverick Moon) emailed me to let me know they couldn’t comment. So I’ve added RaJ’s comment to the list.

51. “submitting comment via email when link is broken” warrants a place on the list.

One thought on “50 signs you?re a blogaholic

  1. I suppose you – well more specifically “I” – can be a blogaholic even if in denial and/or unwilling to change. In my/our defense, I believe this condition isn’t binary i.e. it’s not a case of you are or you’re not; it’s more of a continuum.

    You know. Like a slippery slope.

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