38 years and it all leads up to this?

Sorry this post is a couple days late, I’ve been playing catch-up from the days I missed.

Monday was my birthday and I got to spend it locked in the “sick room” downstairs trying to get an addendum out that was due the week before. You see, I had an addendum (official change to the existing drawings) due last Friday but found myself clinging to life instead. Wednesday morning I awoke to a sore throat and muscle aches – a sure sign I was suffering from allergies. I took some Claritin and went to work (had a weekly meeting to attend). By the afternoon I wasn’t feeling much better but a good night’s sleep should take care of that.

When I woke Thursday morning, I knew I was in trouble but thought I could get past the allergies and get the addendum out before going home. I was wrong. I gave up and was home by noon. I pretty much spent the next 20 hours sleeping, first in my bed then in the downstairs guest room. I had a high temperature (102 at one point) but never quite high enough to rush to the hospital. By Saturday, I was feeling better and come Sunday i only had a scratchy throat left. That’s when my mother-in-law said “that sound’s like strep throat“. I make an appointment for Sunday morning and the doctor tells me “that’s the worst case I’ve seen this year”. He gives me antibiotics and tells me I won’t be contagious in 24 hours.

Luckily, I wasn’t coughing during this time and I did a pretty good job of isolating myself regardless of the illness so no one in my house seems to have caught it. One of the difficulties with being sick was being home and not being able to help Julia with the kids or simply playing with them. I think it was hardest on Corbin who tends to miss me a lot as it is. But to have me so close and yet so far away…

On Saturday, he had made a couple of “get well” cards as seen in the picture, and on Monday he gave me a birthday card (also pictured), sang happy birthday – sort of, and helped my blow out my candle atop of my vanilla pudding (swallowing anything else was quite painful). Not the way I would have planned to spend my birthday but it proved to be very good because I got to see how much my family loves me and that’s what birthdays are for.

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