3 days Only!

We had to switch Corbin to formula at a very early age (about 1 month old) because he wasn’t getting enough milk the old fashioned way. When making the hard decision to go from nature’s milk to formula, you can easily be overwhelmed by choice. Luckily for us, our health care provider would give us samples of various formulas each time we came in (every couple of weeks. So by the time the decision to go full formula was made, we had discovered how good Nestle Good Start Formula really was.

Besides being highly recommended, it didn’t suffer from the main drawbacks found in other formulas. Mainly, it didn’t foam up when mixed, didn’t foam up when consumed, didn’t stain clothing when spilled and didn’t make Corbin spit-up all the time. Unfortunately, it’s not as cheap as some other brands e.g. Costco’s Kirkland brand) but the benefits outweighed the cost.

On the plus side, we can usually find it on sale, get a coupon or find it with 20-30% more free. All this has helped to keep the long term costs within check but formula of any kind and price is going to be a big part of your budget. needless to say, we’re going to jump at the opportunity to save $8 on NESTL?(R) GOOD START(R) Formula this weekend.

Visit Toys?R?Us? or Babies?R?Us? from October 11th – 13th and save on NESTL? GOOD START? Infant Formula. Take $8 off when you buy 2 cans of GOOD START Infant Formula Powder*!

For 140 years, Nestl? has been committed to bringing you the very best? in infant nutrition. Visit either a Toys”R”Us or Babies”R”Us store near you for the Super Weekend Super Sale!

No need for a coupon! Just go in and take advantage of this valuable limited-time offer from October 11th – 13th.

*24oz – 25.7oz cans only

3 thoughts on “3 days Only!

  1. Regarding not enough of the old fashioned way… try drinking a tea using fennel seed. Hope you like black licorice, that’s what it tastes like, but it is amazing how well it works.

  2. Actually, we did – and a couple of other tricks like brewers yeast and one other thing which escapes me right now. We so wanted to breast feed Corbin but it just wasn’t in the cards for us. We reluctantly made the hard choice to go with formula and looking at Corbin now, it’s clear it didn’t slow him down at all.

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