1and1 and then some

Looks like I may be moving this site again after all. I started with 1and1 web hosting back in the beginning and was very happy with them. I still use them for all my domain registration needs and other sites but my primary site (that’s what you’re reading now) needed more storage and bandwidth to accommodate Julia’s Gallery. Powweb offered me both for a great price (still does) but 1and1 has just raised their capacity without raising the price. So as it stands now, 1and1 is the better deal (slightly) and it may just lure me back.

We are once again giving our valued webhosting customers 500% more space! All Home, Business and Developer Hosting packages now have 5 times more diskspace. Only a top world-class Hosting provider like 1&1 can continue to increase capacity to offer the best Hosting deal for its valued customers.

Don’t worry about outages and other funny things like that. I will upgrade all software and transfer all data back to 1and1 before any changes take place. The funny thing is, 1and1 still manages this domain, I just pointed it to powweb’s DNS instead. We’ll see how it all goes first. I suspect Powweb may be making more changes in the near future which may keep me with them. Lets see if we can start a bidding war for archshrk.com shall we?

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  1. I’m same as you, my domains are with 1and1 and I just point ’em elsewhere. Guess I should go read that last email from them, eh.

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