14 days to go!

So I guess I do have something to write about today. We only have 14 days to go! We’re very excited and eager, too. We’re in the home stretch and feeling very good about everything. Julia is doing well and we have all the “stuff” we need and are well prepared. We’re ready. Or as Julia puts it “I’m so ready”. Nothing left to do but wait – and wait some more.

Here’s some reading material from BabyCenter.com for other expectant fathers looking to get even more ready.

A childbirth cheat sheet for dads-to-be

1. Recognize the onset of true labor
2. Know how to time the contractions
3. Don’t get to the hospital too early
4. Know what to expect during labor

Also, this is your last chance for naming suggestions…

3 thoughts on “14 days to go!

  1. My theory is that one knows the baby’s name the moment one holds it. I hope you aren’t like the father of my children was in the delivery room. After all our preparation, he was petrified in the actual delivery room. His face turned ashen, and the nurse slammed him against the wall and said, “Stay there so you can slide down the wall if you faint. I don’t have time for you!” lol. You won’t be. It’s going to all work fine. I’m looking forward to hearing about the delivery from a daddy’s perspective.

  2. I’m not sure of any good names to suggest. But whatever you name your child, just make sure you don’t run into these guys in the video below.

    Warning: For those who may be sensitive to strong language, I should warn you that the “F-bomb” is dropped a couple of times towards the end.

    Cracking down on baby names

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