10 months and still growing

Corbin is now 10 months old but you would hardly guess it. He comes from “large” stock (aka me) so despite being so young, he looks much older (as I always did). The downside to being above average is that his little boy arms are trying to lift a big boy body (and not making it). That’s why, at 10 months, Corbin still doesn’t crawl or like being on his tummy. However, he makes up for it in other ways.

At 10 months, Corbin is easily wearing 18-24 month clothing. This is sad because he has out passed his contemporaries who we were getting hand me downs from. Now we’re handing our things down to them.

As I mentioned, Corbin doesn’t crawl but loves to kick. I think Scott will recruit him for his family soccer team. He’s not mobile yet, but he loves to stand and lean on things or sit and pull and/or reach for things of interest. This is the amazing part. If he sees a toy he wants, he reaches his long arms out and grabs it. If its too far, he pulls on the blanket/play mat and drags it closer. If he still can’t reach it, he moves on to something else (he doesn’t sit and cry about it – praise God).

Corbin’s very curious. Whenever a car passes by, he leans over to see what made the noise. He follows the planes across the sky and loves to look into things trying to figure them out.

Among hes many great features and characteristics is his attitude. He’s very friendly, loves to meet new people and has a smile and laugh the melts your heart. Here’s some photos from the past week and you can see for yourself.

2 thoughts on “10 months and still growing

  1. Mine was just the opposite. At three years, I am only now getting rid of his 18 month old clothes. He’s getting all all of a sudden, which makes for fun shopping. Thank God that my mother is a tailor. Too bad I can’t ship all of his stuff to all of my friends that need it! ^_^

  2. I see a lot of that going around too (babies staying small for so long). There are a lot of families in our church so we still get clothes and toys passed down, which really helps. Then we pass it on when Corbin’s done with it. Some things, like special outfits, we want back but mostly we tell them to pass it on to the next family.

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